"Were I called on to define, very briefly, the term Art, I should call it the reproduction of what the Senses perceive in Nature through the veil of the soul." - Edgar Allan Poe

Sunday, July 2, 2017

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see."   Edgar Degas

It’s been a tough time for painting these last couple of months what with traveling and getting the 24 paintings for my Plymouth show ready. However, I recently pulled out these two finished pieces to mat and frame but a second look is always a good thing since I realized they both needed some small additions to make them feel right.  I added the sailboat into “Garden View” and it gives a good balance with the tree and repeats the vertical of both the tree and the flowers.  I think it made a big difference.

“By the Sea” also felt unbalanced to me and I realized that all the weight of the painting was on the right side.  So I simply put in the strip of blue sea on the left and now you can not only see the view from the cottage perspective, but with the added small sailboat we get another smaller focus and a better sense of depth in the painting. 
Now framed and ready to hang, both these paintings can be found at the Front Street Gallery in Scituate, MA.

"Garden View"



                                                            "By the Sea"

This is Dianne Panarelli Miller's oil painting "Last Glistening" at Bryan Memorial Gallery, Jeffersonville, Vermont, through Labor Day. Open daily 11-5pm. Dianne has up to 30 works in this wonderful show.  It's about Dianne, her love of painting and teaching, and most of all it's a showcase for her talent. She invited a few of her former students to participate and I am flattered to be one of them. I took oil classes with Dianne a few years ago and she is not only a fabulous painter but a fabulous teacher.  Her voice still resonates in my head whenever I decide to break out my oils for a change of pace.                                                      

                                                                  "Last Glistening"

If you're in, near, or just want a day out try and see this terrific show.  I was so pleased to be invited by Dianne, as one of her former students, to submit an oil painting for this exhibit.
My piece is "North River View"

                                                                "North River View"

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Well, it seems that summer has finally arrived....WhooHoo!

As usual there are a plethora of exhibits and shows upcoming this summer. I will have to be somewhat circumspect  in deciding what to participate in as I have a number of short trips planned and also my lovely and special twin sister's family are coming over from England for a few weeks.

Our trip down to Newport Rhode Island for the New England Watercolor Society's National Regional Show was a wonderful time.  I got to see my painting shown amongst the very best watercolorists of New England..... a great looking show at the Newport Art Museum.  We lucked out and had fabulous weather to take in the sights of Newport, including lunch at the wonderful International Tennis Hall of Fame. One of these days I'm gonna go paint there, the buildings and setting is quite lovely.

My Two-Person show at the Plymouth Library is now up and looking good. Tom Nordquist is a watercolor artist who also likes to work in other medias.  He's is a retired architect and his ink renderings, along  with his watercolors show what a wonderful talent he is. If you have a chance please stop by the Plymouth Library at 132 South St, Plymouth, MA .  The show is worth a trip down there, and you can always have lunch a the Tennis Club 👍😊

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

    MAUREEN  K. BROOKFIELD  WATERCOLORS                    
I am  seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all of my heart”  Vincent Van Gogh

                             News – May 2017

"Red, White & Blue"
  Invitations to quite a few shows appear in my mailbox at
this time of year and it's always hard to decide which ones to
submit paintings to.   Mostly it boils down to time availability...you just can't manage to get around to them all and sometimes you just miss the entry date so that takes care of that. Some of these shows have specific themes, which can be fun if you happen to have the perfect painting for the theme, or have time to paint one.  As it happens the Rhode Island Watercolor Society has just opened a themed juried show titled "Celebrations of Color". I'm pleased to say that my painting "Red, White & Blue was among those chosen.  If you get a chance pop in and see this fabulous show at RIWS Gallery, Slater Memorial Park. 831 Armistice Blvd.
Pawtucket, RI.  It runs through mid June.


I was thrilled to have my watercolor "Changing Sky" accepted in the New England Watercolor Society 2017 Regional Juried Exhibition at the Newport Art Museum.  76 Bellevue Avenue, Newport, RI. The Reception is on Thursday June 8th 5-7pm.
"Changing Sky"
The Society has some of the best watercolorists in New England among their Signature Membership.
Newport is such a wonderful seaport town that my husband and I are planning on staying for the rest of the weekend to relax and explore, and if you want a weekend getaway you couldn't pick a better place.


These two Acrylic paintings "Dragonfly" and "Time Out" are my contributions to this year's fundraisers for the North River Arts Festival (on Memorial weekend in Marshfield).  "Time Out" is for the Scituate Art Association's fundraiser "Solstice Soiree" on July 24th at the Scituate Country
Club.  They will be auctioned off to benefit their respective Societies.  Check their websites for more info:  http://www.northriverarts.org and http://www.scituateart.com
"Time Out"

Just a heads up for this summer. I will be part of a two person exhibit at the Gallery at Plymouth Library with fellow local artist Tom Nordquist.  I will be exhibiting about 24 paintings in this show.  The exhibit will run through Labor Day  so if you find yourselves in or near Plymouth this summer, please stop by and have a look.
Plymouth Public Library Gallery, 132 South Street, Plymouth, MA  508.830.4250.

Friday, April 8, 2016

“I am seeking. I am striving. I am in it with all of my heart"     
                                                                                          Vincent Van Gogh

Having recently returned from four wonderful weeks in Australia I've been playing catchup with my email and various other obligations.
One of which was painting new paintings for an upcoming group show with four wonderful watercolor artists: Anne Belson, Wendy Hale, Mary Smith and Burt Longenbach.

Hope to see some of you there!

Opening Reception Friday April 8th 6-8pm
Dillon Gallery
South Shore Art Center in Cohasset at 119 Ripley Road, Cohasset, MA

City Slickers
Slippery When Wet

Summer Shower

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Also in the Fall, my painting "Sunday Silver" was selected for the Attleboro Museum National Juried Exhibit  Possessions: Prized and Otherwise".
This painting represents the nostalgia I feel for the many entertaining and hilarious Sunday dinners with my husband's family when my children were small and we visited from NJ.  Such fun times!
We inherited the silver coffee pot along with some of the other items  in this painting and when I set up this still life I felt it was a tribute to my mother-in-law's sense of family tradition and also to my own mother, whose favorite flowers were lilies. Whenever I look at this piece I feel the powerful and continued connection to these two wonderful women, and those special moments in my life.

Sunday Silver 25"x33"
Haven't posted much the last couple of months.  It seemed their wasn't enough days in the week to accomplish everything. The summer just flew by with construction in my home, house guests and then straight into the Fall and the Holidays.
Besides working hard on my ABC book project and other illustrations (see my illustration blog), I still managed to carve out time for some paintings….(have to get my painting fix in :)

Beach Walk 8x10
Summer Harbor 8x10

I experimented recently, with these two small beach scenes, trying watercolor on canvas…. I think it gave an interesting look and is something I might continue to explore. These two beach scenes are currently on display at the Front Street Gallery in Scituate.

Changing Marsh 11x14
I decided to rework this fall scene as I wasn't happy with the composition in the foreground…I think 
it looks better now. I used an interesting medium "Watercolor Oil" its fun to work with for a change.

I did this watercolor as a birthday gift for my son. A nice memory from when he was visiting back east from California, and we walking with his dog along the North River on a beautiful, warm and sunny day.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

"STARS & STRIPES" The American Flag in Contemporary Art
                                                                                         and  "ARTISTS HOMES & STUDIOS"

I am so happy to be part of these two wonderful art books by E. Ashley Rooney. They arrived in bookstores this summer.

"Stars & Stripes" In this book artists share not only their work but they also talk about the inspiration behind their pieces. The book reflects the feelings about this iconic image and celebrates America in all
her glory. I'm proud to say that I was one of 64 artists selected for this honor. The variety of art forms range from watercolor paintings to crazy quilts, oils to match-boxes, mixed media to digital. The artwork shows all cultural and political viewpoints that define the country today. Check out both books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

"Artists Homes & Studios"  Go behind the scenes of the art world as you tour the homes and studios of 86 international artists and enjoy this glimpse into contemporary artists' lives.